Odour Elimination

Smell is one of the most sensitive senses humans have. Obviously, it is detected through the nose receptive but our tongues play a massive part in the overall aroma experience.

As with most sensual experiences, a smell can be adored by one person but highly offensive to another, so it is very important for organisations to become odour neutral where possible. Our range of Freshwave, Areoguard and 3D Zyme products will help you become odour neutral throughout your establishment. These can be enhanced with our deep clean solutions that extract surface contamination including bacteria stains, spills and ground-in dirt which are the main causes of aromas

Aeroguard 4s air purification and odour management system

The Aeroguard 4S clean air concept creates healthy indoor air at home and at work. The air that gives us life also carries pollutants and allergens like pollen, dust and spores, that can be dangerous for our health.


The Aeroguard 4S will remove Fine dust, pet dander, odour, virus and bacteria. Thanks to its 5 stages filtration, Aeroguard ensures pure indoor air around the clock. Either in the standard filter configuration or with the specially developed anti-tobacco filter, the Aeroguard contributes to pure healthy air in all working spaces for you and your customers. Multi-level filtration system NANOPURE™ patented virus eliminating technology 5 different function modes Silent Mode User-friendly with LCD display.

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Aeroguard 3D Zyme for Extreme Odour Elimination

Specifically developed to work in conjunction with Aeroguard odour elimination and air purification systems to help combat even the most challenging environments left with malodours from faeces, urine, wounds and tobacco.


3d Zyme is a high-efficiency liquid deodoriser for resilience and daily cleaning, made of 90% enzyme cultures and 10% natural oils. For best results use 3D Zyme with Aeroguard 4S or Aeroguard Mini to remove unpleasant organic and inorganic odours in bedrooms, common areas, corridors and kitchens. Delivered Health solutions understand that one of the biggest challenges care homes face is malodours left behind from urine, faeces, wounds and tobacco. First impressions are imp

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Aeroguard Aeroblock Natural Odour Eliminator

Aeroblock can be used in conjunction with Aeroguard 4S and Aeroguard Mini for additional support when trying to eliminate stubborn odours left behind from urine, faeces, wounds, and tobacco.

Unlike other products Aeroguard doesn’t mask, it continuously eliminates odours to leave clean, fresh-smelling air around your home. These natural odour eliminating Aeroblocks are easily placed inside Aeroguard 4S and Aeroguard Mini and will need to be changed on a monthly basis.

Made from non-allergenic oils and designed for indoor use to degrade and eliminate bad odours in challenging environments. Can also be used with a dispenser which can be wall-mounted in areas where there is a constant flow of air circulation, like a doorway. Great for use in bathrooms, toilet facilities and kitchens.

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Fresh Wave IAQ

Air & Surface Spray, a rapid and targeted method of odour elimination.

Unlike most other odour eliminators which act as a masking agent, Fresh Wave totally eliminates the odour and doesn’t contain any irritating fragrances.

It can work on virtually any odour and is safe for humans, animals and the environment due to the natural ingredients, and zero aggressive chemicals.

Simply spray into the air and let Fresh Wave eat away bad smells left behind from vomit, faeces, smoke, pet smells, cooking fats, mould and damp smells plus many more.

Ideal for: Care homes, hotel rooms, lobbies, meeting rooms, fitness centres, education buildings, veterinary clinics and boarding kennels Available in AIR & SURFACE SPRAY 250ML AIR & SURFACE SPRAY REFILL 10 LITRES FRESH WAVE IAQ MULTI-USE 1 LITRE

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Fresh wave IAQ gel

Fresh Wave Gel for continuous non-toxic odour control.

A passive, continuous-release formulation that works around the clock to provide constant odour elimination, day or night. The Gel has an initial mild aroma that quickly dissipates.

Covers approximately 15 – 20m² for 30 days.

Available in:

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