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With many years of industry experience here at Delivered Health Solutions, we’re the experts when it comes to providing high-quality commercial decontamination and cleaning solutions, designed to offer the optimally hygienic environment for businesses and their customers, patients, staff and visitors.

We provide an extensive range of commercial cleaning services to cater to all industries and their requirements including infection prevention and environmental decontamination, deep cleaning, odour elimination, air purification and more. From rapid response services from our specialist teams to long term cleaning and decontamination contracts, we have the ability to provide the exact services your business requires.

As a long-standing, highly trusted and accredited commercial cleaning company, we have now built up a broad portfolio of loyal clients who all require completely different approaches to provide a safe and hygienic environment. We are proud to come highly recommended for our vast array of commercial cleaning solutions.

So if you need your working environment cleaning, disinfecting, decontaminating or purifying, our teams have the tools, products and knowledge to supply you with the ultimate service to leave your environment clean, hygienic and safe, so get in touch today to learn about your perfect cleaning solution

Environmental Decontaminations & Infection Control

Over many years, we have helped organisations create their individual Decontamination Action Plans and provided resources and solutions to quickly stop the spread of infection.

Helping our customers get back up and running after an outbreak, quickly and safely is our core focus to reduce the overall impact to your business.

Using patented technology, our professionally trained teams have the experience to thoroughly clean and decontaminate all affected areas. This will provide clinically safe conditions which will last up to 30 days after the decontamination.

To help your business minimise the impact of outbreaks and infections, we offer IPC audits and bespoke housekeeping manuals for our customers.

Our solutions are not sector-specific and have been successfully used in a variety of sectors including:

Care Homes | Hospitals | Ambulances | Laboratories | Hotels | Offices | Kitchens

Our processes go beyond the strict CQC and NHS guidelines and deliver the highest level of environmental decontamination while complying with BHTA and MHRA national specifications.

Deep Cleaning Services

Delivered Health Solutions provide a range of PH neutral, commercial Deep Clean solutions that surpass the CQC and NHS Guidelines.

By aligning our team with your organisation’s needs, we perform our 7 stage cleaning processes across surfaces and throughout the air at a time to suit you.

Our teams are able to implement a range of solutions to support organisations across all sectors to create a clinically clean, odour neutral and safe environment.

Odour Elimination & Air Purification

Smell is one of the most sensitive senses humans have. Obviously, it is detected through the nose receptive but our tongues play a massive part in the overall aroma experience.

As with most sensual experiences, a smell can be adored by one person but highly offensive to another, so it is very important for organisations to become odour neutral where possible.

Specialist Cleaning Equipment

They say prevention is better than cure…

…so Delivered Health Solutions is focused on providing all our customers with the tools, knowledge and confidence to protect their own environments, residents, patients, staff and visitors.

Our deep cleaning and decontamination teams are your second line of defence. Your first is your in-house teams who have been trained to maximise the results from the equipment and consumables you purchase.

The Delivered Health Solutions teams use all the products we sell. Not only do we have first-hand knowledge and experience on each of the machines, the best consumables to use and how to get the best out of them.

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