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We are experts when it comes to providing high-quality accredited services across many critical areas of business, from compliance testing to high-level environmental decontaminations, asset management and equipment audits. We offer a full-service solution.

Our extensive range of industrial cleaning services caters to all industries and working environments, protecting your staff, visitors and residents from cross-contamination and infections. Our new and innovative technology is up to the highest standards, enabling our professionally trained teams to exceed national requirements.

As a long-standing, highly trusted and accredited commercial cleaning company, we have now built up a broad portfolio of loyal clients who all require completely different approaches to provide a safe and hygienic environment. We are proud to come highly recommended for our vast array of commercial cleaning solutions.

So, if you need your working environment cleaning, disinfecting, decontaminating or purifying, our teams have the tools, products and knowledge to supply you with the ultimate service to leave your environment clean, hygienic and safe, so get in touch today to learn about your perfect cleaning solution.

Environmental Decontaminations & Infection Control

Over many years, we have helped organisations create their individual Decontamination Action Plans and provide resources and solutions to quickly stop the spread of infection.

Using patented technology, our professionally trained teams have the experience to thoroughly clean and decontaminate all affected areas. This will provide clinically safe conditions which will last up to 30 days after the decontamination.

To help your business minimise the impact of outbreaks and infections, we offer IPC audits and bespoke housekeeping manuals for our customers.

Our solutions are not sector-specific and have been successfully used in a variety of different environments.

Our processes go beyond the strict CQC and NHS guidelines and deliver the highest level of environmental decontamination while complying with BHTA and MHRA national specifications.

Deep Cleaning Services

Delivered Health Solutions provide a range of PH neutral, commercial Deep Clean solutions that surpass the CQC and NHS Guidelines.

By aligning our team with your organisation’s needs, we perform our 7-stage cleaning processes across surfaces and throughout the air at a time to suit you.

Our teams are able to implement a range of solutions to support organisations across all sectors to create a clinically clean, odour neutral and safe environment.

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Air Purification

The importance of clean air has been emphasized by the World Health Organization and has been established through many studies.

Creating a safe and healthy environment does not stop at disinfecting surfaces and deep cleaned carpets. Airborne pathogens can pose a health risk, making air purification an important issue for businesses to consider.

While harmful bacteria and viruses in the air can cause infections, malodours can pose a threat to physical and mental health. Eliminating odours efficiently and permanently can be a challenge in many environments but Delivered Health Solutions has years of experience in air purification and odour elimination.

Whether you are looking for a solution to permanently reduce viruses and bacteria from the air or eliminate malodours, Delivered Health Solutions offers bespoke services and solutions suitable for any environment.

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Equipment Maintenance & LOLER

Delivered Health Solutions offers a full LOLER & PUWER inspection service, in line with the lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations (LOLER) 1998 and other relevant legislation in regard of the service and maintenance of your moving & handling equipment.

For lifting equipment and accessories to be used safely & successfully, regular examinations and inspections are required. This is a systematic and detailed examination of the equipment carried out by a skilled competent service engineer who must then complete a written report. The report will include: the examination date, the date when the next thorough examination is due & any defects found which are (or could potentially become) a danger to people.

We offer a comprehensive repair & installation service for all moving & handling equipment, profiling beds, pressure area care mattresses, assisted bathing equipment, weight scales & sluice room equipment.

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Asset Management

Asset management offers you the comfort of knowing that your equipment is being used to its full potential by providing reports to help your future budgeting and equipment control. Delivered Health Solutions can assist you with full replacement programmes, allowing priority replacement at multiple sites. Our asset management programme is completely unique to your facility as we assess every customer individually. We believe that a 'one size fits all' approach isn't sufficiently effective, therefore, we offer bespoke solutions to fit your business.

Below an example of our asset management and how this enabled an MBC in the North of England to budget for the replacement of equipment, prioritise their units and reduce spikes in spending.

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Equipment Audits

Modern infection control standards are improving constantly in hospital, nursing and other care residential environments. With these changes rises the importance of auditing processes of mattresses and other equipment.

Thankfully, experienced groups within the healthcare system manage the control and prevention of infections. At Delivered Health Solutions we couple this experience with our professionally trained teams creating high-standard audit services and provide full records of all audited equipment.

Here at Delivered Health Solutions, we have many years’ of experience, specifically within the healthcare Sector and auditing business. However, we are proud to continue our educational standards in light of improved and ongoing guidelines.

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Specialist Equipment

Delivered Health Solutions is focused on providing all our customers with the tools, knowledge and confidence to protect their own environments, residents, patients, staff and visitors.

The Delivered Health Solutions teams use all the products we sell. Not only do we have first-hand knowledge and experience on each of the machines, the best consumables to use and how to get the best out of them.

Your first line of defence against outbreaks and infections is your in-house teams who will be trained to maximise the results from the equipment and consumables you purchase.

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