Suma Combi + LA6 10Litre SP


Suma Combi LA6 uses new innovative technology to combine a concentrated liquid mechanical ware washing detergent and rinse aid in one. It is specially formulated to provide soil removal for up to 12°dH, 21°fH or 215ppm water hardness conditions.

Suma Combi LA6 is a heavy duty alkaline liquid detergent and rinse aid all in one, which is suitable for use in a wide range of single tank or front loader washing machines (no conveyor or multi-tank). It contains a blend of caustic alkali and scale control agents, which will provide soil removal. The high level of powerful scale control agents will also prevent scaling for up to 12°dH, 21°fH or 215ppm water hardness conditions. Because of the unique innovative rinse aid additive changing the behavior of the water there is no need for a separate rinse aid.

New innovative technology provides a detergent and rinse aid all in one product. Ensures quick drying. Cuts through grease and dried-on food. Highly concentrated formulation gives economy in use. Prevents scaling of the dish wash machine. Gives streak and spot-free results. Chlorine free. Phosphate free.

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Use instructions

Suma Combi+ LA6 is normally applied using Diversey automatic dispensing equipment. However, it can be used in conjunction with an integral dosing pump. To ensure perfect cleaning results in up to 12°dH, 21°fH or 215ppm water hardness conditions, use the minimum recommended dosing of 0.4ml/l*, depending on local site conditions. At 2ml/l, this will prevent scale deposits in water containing up to 215ppm CaC03, 12°dH, 21°fH. Actual dosage will depend on site conditions (water hardness, degree of soiling, procedures). The product is not suitable for systems where currently an acidic rinse aid is used as a descaler, and where a detergent to rinse aid dosage is below 2:1. At first use, rinse pump, and transport tubes of the dosing system to avoid possible crystallization in these tubes caused by mixing of products, and empty the rinse line


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SDS Suma Combi

SDS Suma Combi

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