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Find Memory Box

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Brand Find
Product Size cm 40 x 30
Activity Benefit Mental

The use of Memory Boxes in care homes improves orientation and encourages increased levels of communication between carers, residents and their families.

It is recommend that a Memory Box is purchased for anyone who may be moving to a care home in the future so that they can immediately establish a valuable landmark in their new home. Furthermore, the content will reflect the owners life and provide invaluable information to carers.

The memory boxes are great to help people find their bedrooms as well as a useful communication aid, whether it is a persons own memory box or someone elses as they start conversations easily.

Also, we have found that memory boxes promote privacy too as people who are walking around the care home have something to look at and stimulate their interest (keeping them calm and reducing anxiety and agitation). But they usually understand that the door leads to another persons bedroom and therefore do not enter.

Memory Boxes available in Oak and Beech finishes.

  • Dimension (H x W x D): 400mm x 300mm x 60mm
  • Quantity: 1

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